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From my hands

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Upcycling the urban forest to create your family's next heirloom

I am a wood artist and craftsperson based in Denver, Colorado. Working in conjunction with local arborists and homeowners, I salvage urban timber destined for the landfill or firepit and give the noble tree a second life as elegant tableware, art, and home decor. Over 70% of my raw material is obtained in this sustainable manner and I purchase the remainder from reputable hardwood dealers that follow sustainable forestry practices.


A wealth of

natural material...



... an endless amount of potential 

Most of my process is currently centered on woodturning, a form of woodworking in which a machine known as a lathe is used to spin blocks and rounds of wood at high rates of speed while I cut them with various hand-held gouges and chisels. I often tell people unfamiliar with the process that it is very much like a ceramist throwing bowls on a wheel, but my wheel is horizontal instead of vertical and I'm taking material away instead of adding. To me the process is at once exhilarating and meditative, and the possibilities for creative expression are endless!

The photos below capture some of the excitement. For more information about the process, follow me on Instagram @studiocsh where I often post video of my daily practice in the wood studio!

At the lathe

shaping wood by hand and gouge